Labor Day Weekend

Hello there! It was Labor Day yesterday, so that meant there was no school and we had an extra day to the weekend. In the United Stated Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September, on this day the accomplishments of the American workers is honored. I do not know a Dutch holiday … More Labor Day Weekend

A Day in My Life

Hi guys, Whenever something big changes in your life, it will influence the course of your everyday life. Whether that is going to a different school or trying a new sport, your daily schedule is going to change in small or big ways. Obviously my life changed when I moved to New York and started … More A Day in My Life

One Month Down

Hey guys! Time is flying by! I have been living in New York City for a month now. The beginning was definitely not easy, but I am so glad I decided to do this. In this past month, I have probably felt every emotion there is. I have cried and I have laughed, but that … More One Month Down

Last Weekend

Hello guys, Last weekend was packed with fun and exciting things. I hung out with some friends from school and I went to some amazing places in New York City. Also I had some really delicious food this weekend. I will tell you all about it! This will be straight out of my diary again. … More Last Weekend