Last Weekend

Hello guys,

Last weekend was packed with fun and exciting things. I hung out with some friends from school and I went to some amazing places in New York City. Also I had some really delicious food this weekend. I will tell you all about it! This will be straight out of my diary again. Enjoy!

July 29th 2016

Today I went to the Museum of Modern Art with some friends from school. The MoMA is absolutely amazing! Even though I was a lot different from what I had expected it to be, I still enjoyed it a lot. I thought there would be a lot more iconic work from Andy Warhol, so that was a little disappointing. On the contrary, there were some pieces from artists I did not expect to see, like Picasso and Van Gogh. If my parents decide to visit me in New York  I would like to take them here, because I know that my mom especially really likes art.

At school this morning we had to play Humans of New York. That is a website from a photographer who talk to random New Yorkers and takes a photo of them. Then he posts the picture with their story on his website. It is really cool! So we had to go outside in groups of three and do the same. With my group I talked to an older man, I think he was around 65-years-old. He was born in Indonesia and came to New York when he was 24. After staying with some friends, he got married. The woman he was married to got depressed and committed suicide. That was when I turned to the Bible and became a priest. It is such an amazing story that I wonder if it is true.

Tomorrow I wanted to go to Smorgasborg, a weekly summer food festival in Brooklyn, but some friends invited me to go kayaking with them. We have not made definite plans though, so maybe I will go to Smorgasborg anyway.


July 30th 2016

Remember the kayaking I mentioned yesterday. Well, that did not happen, which I kind of expected. I had already planned on going to Smorgasborg, so that where I went. I actually met up with some friends there.

It was amazing! There were so many vendors and the smells were amazing. I got a vegan avocado sandwich which was absolutely to die for! And the lemonade I had with it was one of the best I have ever had. We ate our lunch sitting on the grass in the shade of a tree, looking out over the Manhattan skyline. I definitely want to go back to try some other things, like the corn, fries and donuts.

I am really tired so I am not going to do too much tomorrow. After sleeping in, I am going to Ess-a-Bagel to try one of New York’s finest bagels. A friend of mine suggested this place to me. I am really excited to finally try a real New York bagel.


July 31st 2016

Tomorrow will already be August 1st. I cannot believe time is going by so fast. It feels like yesterday that I was at home in the Netherlands and at the same time that feels like ages ago. Today was a relax day. I woke up later than usual and watched some Gossip Girl (I am kind of obsessed). Around noon I left to get a bagel for lunch at Ess-a-Bagel. They are supposed to make the best bagels in New York.

Luckily I bought an umbrella yesterday, because it was raining when I left. When I arrived at the bagel shop, there was a line outside. People were actually standing outside in the rain for 15 minutes and then another 45 minutes inside to get a bagel! Because I had nothing better to do and because I really wanted to try the best bagels in New York City, I decided to become one of those crazy people who were standing in the rain for a bagel. It was well worth the wait and the money, because the bagel was absolutely delicious! I ordered an everything bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon and lettuce with an iced tea.

After having lunch at Ess-a-Bagel, I went to The Body Shop to get some things. When I moved I only packed small containers and now I am running out of them. So I needed to repurchase some things before they are actually empty.

Tomorrow will be the start of another week at school. The teacher said there would be some sort of test this week, but I do not really know what to expect. Well, I will probably just find out tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I had been up to this weekend. If you every decide to come to New York City, you should definitely go to the Museum of Modern Arts, Smorgasborg and Ess-a-Bagel. They are not cheap and quiet places, but they are places that define New York. You will find a good mix of both locals and tourists and I can assure you that you will have a great time.




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