Amsterdam to John F. Kennedy

Hi guys,

Let’s start at the beginning. Tuesday July 13th 2016, exactly a week ago, I started my journey to New York, where I would be staying for 4 months. It was quite a long journey, I think it took me almost 26 hours to get to my apartment. I am going to tell you about my flight and everything that happened when I was on my way to my new home.

16:00 (Amsterdam time (+1)) – My suitcases packed and I am ready to go. My dad got home early to come to the airport with me. With my mother, father, brother, sister and two suitcases I walked to the train station, where we took the train to Schiphol Airport. It took about 50 minutes by train to get there.

17:10 – I am standing in line to check in my one of my suitcases, the other one is hand luggage. The lady at the desk gave me my boarding pass, but my flight would not be leaving for another three hours.

17:45 – Because it was too early for me to go to security, we decided we were going to have one last meal together as a family for a long time. We ate pizza. When we were finished, my mom got out this big envelope from her purse and gave it to me. In it was a letter from my parents, brother and sister, a neck pillow, a sleeping mask, some mints, a pen and some other things. That was really nice of them!

18:30 –  It was time for me to go through security and say goodbye to my family. It was hard to say goodbye to them and realize that I am not going to see them for a long time. There were definitely some tears shed.

20:35 – My flight is supposed to leave, but that is not going to happen, because there are still people getting of the plane. With a delay of about an hour we finally flew to Dublin, from where I would fly to New York the next morning.

22:15 (Dublin time (0))- We arrived at Dublin and I had 9 hours to kill until my flight to Dublin. At home I had read there was a lounge at the airport for only 25 euros, but when I got to Dublin, they had just closed the area to get to your connecting flight. That meant I had to leave the airport, because apparently they close the airport at night (I have never heard of something like that). So there I was, on my own at an airport in the middle of the night. Because I had no idea what to do I called my mom. She told me to look for a cheap hotel and come back to the airport in the morning.

I went to a taxi station and asked for the nearest and cheapest hotel, but when I got there they did not have any rooms available. There was a couple waiting for a man to take them to a bed and breakfast, so I waited with them and asked the man if he had another room for me. Luckily he did and he arranged a taxi to pick me up the next morning. I think I slept for four hours that night which was nice.

5:00 – I was back at the airport again and because my luggage was already checked in I went to the service desk to get my boarding pass. The woman kindly helped me. I went through security and got some breakfast at the airport.

6:30 – Finally customs opened and because my flight was not the only one to the United Stated that morning, it was really busy and the lines were very long.

7:50 – This was the scheduled time for the plane to leave, but a lot of people were still waiting in line at customs. After more than an hour we were finally ready to leave. The flight would take about 7 hours. I mostly slept during the flight and I watched two movies.

11:00 (eastern time (-5)) – I am in New York! Now it is time to collect by suitcase and call the landlord to tell him I have arrived. After collecting by suitcase, I went to the SuperShuttle service, where I had to wait 10 minutes to be picked up.

11:30 – All passengers were picked up and we were heading to Manhattan.

13:00 – I was the last person to be dropped off. Finally I had arrived at the apartment. Because I was not able to reach the landlord earlier, I tried calling him again. He picked up and said he was going to be there in 10 minutes. When he arrived, he told me he wanted to clean my room and make sure everything was fine.

13:45 – The landlord gave me small tour of the apartment and told me the house rules.

14:00 – After 26 hours of traveling I was finally able to relax.

As you can read, it was a long journey and there were a few setbacks, but that is all part of traveling. Now I have written the entire trip down, I realize how much it has impacted me to go on this crazy adventure across the Atlantic Ocean by myself.

See you soon!



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