What Am I Reading?

Hey there, Ever since I was a little kid I have loved reading. That changed when I had to read certain books in school. The books we were required to read were not really the kind of books I enjoyed reading. Now I have graduated high school a few months ago I started reading again for … More What Am I Reading?

SoHo, Manhattan

Hi guys! Exploring has really become a hobby of mine. Like I have said in earlier post, I enjoy seeing all the different parts of New York. This city has so much to offer. Today I will tell you all about SoHo, which is located in Lower Manhattan. SoHo stands for south of Houston Street. … More SoHo, Manhattan

Four Big Museums

Hello everyone, There are dozens of museums in New York City. Some are more well-known or a lot bigger than others. Some are arts museums and others are history museums. In short, there is a museum for everybody. I have definitely not been to every museum and there are still few I really want to … More Four Big Museums

Labor Day Weekend

Hello there! It was Labor Day yesterday, so that meant there was no school and we had an extra day to the weekend. In the United Stated Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September, on this day the accomplishments of the American workers is honored. I do not know a Dutch holiday … More Labor Day Weekend