First Days in The Big Apple

Hello there!

While I am in New York City I am keeping a diary. I have never kept a diary before, but I really wanted to write down everything I was doing and feeling. It will be nice to look back at in a few weeks, months or years. On My Blue Striped Life I am not going to talk about everything I write in my journal, but I will share some of it. Today I am going to tell you about my first two days in New York. These are some of the thoughts I had and some of the things I have done during those days.

July 14th 2016

The adventure has begun! Right now I am sitting in Central Park with a Frappuccino I got at Starbucks. I arrived yesterday afternoon after traveling for almost 27 hours. My room is great, I have really made it my own space yesterday, I only have to put some pictures up on the wall. The people I am sharing an apartment with are very friendly, I have only met a few of them, but I think I am going to have great time here. The landlord is actually friendlier than I would have thought.

Fortunately my jet lag is not that bad, I only woke up at 5:30. This morning I went to school to take the placement test and I am going to take the Post-Advanced classes, which are the TOEFL preparation classes. Later this afternoon, I am planning on visiting the High Line and Chelsea Market.

After I arrived yesterday and had settled into my apartment I got extremely home sick this morning. I realized how far away I actually am from my friends and family! I am feeling a lot better today and I hope that when I start classes on Monday I will make some friends.

A Few Hours Later

Well, I tried to get to the High Line, but I ended up in Brooklyn. I guess I took the wrong train. I got lost looking for the right train to take me to the High Line, but I think the subway I am looking for is at the other side of the park I am sitting in at the moment. It is really hot (I am sweating like crazy) and my feet hurt from walking. I guess I should not have worn my new sandals. When I noticed I was in Brooklyn, I thought about walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, but I think I will do that another time (when my feet do not hurt so much anymore). Now I am going to find the subway station and finally go to the High Line.


July 15th 2016

I found my way to the High Line yesterday, but I could only walk a few blocks on it, because it started pouring rain. It was really cool to see the storm rolling in. Luckily, I found shelter just in time. When the rain stopped, I decided to go home and come back another time to walk across the High Line and see Chelsea Market.

This morning I got really home sick again. I find that the mornings and nights are the most difficult times. It is crazy because I know that the minute I walk out the door I feel great. At those moments I feel proud and brave for moving to New York, because I think “I am really doing this. I am really living in New York City!”

When I was not feeling well this morning I called my dad and he suggested that I visit South Street Seaport, which is in the Financial District. So that is where I just went. I went on a tour to Dock 16 and we went on a ship called Peking, it was really interesting. The woman told us a lot about the history of Peking and this part of New York. After the tour I went to this market place across the museum to get lunch. This fish taco I ordered was delicious! In a few moments I am going to walk along the water to Battery Park. I am hoping to go to the Statue of Liberty there.

A Few Hours Later

When I got to Battery Park, the line to go see Lady Liberty was crazy long, so I decided to come back another time. Instead I went on a walk. My parents gave me this little book called 100% New York and there are six walks in there that will take you through the entire city. I walked the first walk through Wall Street and the Lower East Side. The walk took me to the New York Stock Exchange, the 9/11 Memorial and the One World Trade Center. After seeing that I realized I am actually living in New York City.


So, that is what I did on my first two days in New York City. I can say that I still need to put photos up at the wall and the weather is still crazy warm. I also have not been back to the Brooklyn Bridge or the Statue of Liberty, but I did visit Chelsea Market and walked a little further on the High Line, before it started raining again. And I can say I made some friends at school this week.




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