SoHo, Manhattan

Hi guys!

Exploring has really become a hobby of mine. Like I have said in earlier post, I enjoy seeing all the different parts of New York. This city has so much to offer. Today I will tell you all about SoHo, which is located in Lower Manhattan. SoHo stands for south of Houston Street. To be precise this neighborhood is located between Houston Street and Canal Street and between 6th Avenue and Lafayette Street. SoHo is a very artistic and beautiful neighborhood with a lot of shops and boutiques. I especially love the mix of old and modern in this area.

Cast Iron Building

Most buildings in SoHo are industrial buildings from the 19th century, the so-called cast iron buildings. To me this kind of architecture and the fire escapes scream New York City. You will find these buildings all over town, but there is no place where you will see cast iron building like in SoHo. You can find the most beautiful cast iron buildings on Mercer Street and Howard Street in my opinion. The cobble stone streets give this neighborhood a very old and industrial look too. But SoHo is also very modern, just look at the stores and the people who walk around. This mix between old and modern makes SoHo such a popular and cool area with both locals and tourists.



SoHo is the perfect place to go shopping in New York City. All the main stores are located on Broadway. Here, you can find H&M, Zara, Forever21, Converse and Madewell, just to name a few. On Broadway, it will always be busy with locals, tourists, buses and cabs. While the more affordable shops can be found on Broadway, all the high-end stores are located on the side streets, such as Prince Street. There you will find Apple, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton for instance. It is not in my price range to shop there, but I really enjoy walking around. Looking at all the beautiful displays gives me a lot of inspiration. Also, the people that shop on the off-streets usually look very fashionable, which is really cool and, again, is very inspiring.


Georgetown Cupcakes

You might know the TV show Georgetown Cupcakes; well you can find their store in SoHo. Everyone craves something sweet every once in a while, and Georgetown Cupcakes is the best place to satisfy your cravings in SoHo. They have a few classic cupcakes they serve every day and some daily specials. After looking at their display it will hard to walk away. All the cupcakes they offer that day are displayed so you can see what you are ordering. I really like Red Velvet and Vegan Carrot Cake. The frosting is my favorite part of any cupcake and the cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcakes have almost as much frosting as cupcake, which I am totally fine with.



A more sophisticated place to satisfy your sweet tooth is Laduree. Laduree is a French bakery that is known for its macarons. I have never actually been here, but I have heard many good things about this place. It is supposed to be a great place to go for afternoon tea. Unlike most places in SoHo, you can actually sit down here, they have a lot of space inside. Even though they have space, the place fills up very quickly on the weekends, so the best time to go is during the week. When I walked by here a few days ago, there were women standing outside in very beautiful dresses, so Laduree is definitely on the more sophisticated side.


NoMo SoHo

I could not write this post without mentioning NoMo SoHo, which is a luxury hotel on Crosby Street. Even if you are not staying here you should definitely walk by, because it is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen. I am sure you will have seen a photo of NoMo SoHo sometime. The exterior of the hotel is very unique and it definitely stands out between all the cast iron buildings. It reminded me of fairy tales. To me the outside looks like the castle in Sleeping Beauty. Just walk by and take a photo or go inside for a drink if you are of age.


Smile to Go

Around the corner from NoMo SoHo, you can find Smile to Go. Smile to Go is the perfect place to get a quick bite. They serve salads, small sandwiches and a few pastries. There are three small tables inside where you can sit down, but their main focus is people who are on the go. You can find The Smile restaurant on Bond Street. Smile to Go is perfect for tourist or anyone who works in the area. If you do want to sit down, you should sit down on the steps outside and enjoy the buildings, the people walking by and the weather. Also, the prices here are very reasonable and the serving sizes are not too big.


SoHo is the place to go to get inspired. The first time I was very overwhelmed, because it is always busy, but if you know where to go and get off Broadway, you will find the cobble stone streets and cast iron building that give SoHo its unique look. You will get inspired by the boutiques, the people, the streets and the architecture. Also, there are a lot of opportunities to take awesome photos in this neighborhood.





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