New York City for Photographers

Hey there!

I am not a professional photographer, but I love to take photos. I am not talking about selfies, I hate those, I always look so awkward in them and it is uncomfortable to take them. No, I enjoy taking photographs of buildings and nature. New York City is a very photogenic place, I have noticed in the time I have spent here. You are able to find something to take a photo of in every street. Today, I will show you some awesome photographs I have taken in the Big Apple and I will tell you where I took them.

I took this photo during my first week in New York and it is one of my favorites. It is taken from the 7th floor at the New Museum, which is located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
Yes, there are beaches in New York. In the south of Brooklyn you can find Coney Island and Luna Park. I took this photo standing on the pier looking out over the beach and Luna Park while the sun was setting.
Yellow cabs, cobble stone streets and fire escapes. That scream New York to me. In this photo you see part of the Meatpacking District. Taken at 14th Street and 9th Avenue.
There are many beautiful views from The High Line, but this one is my favorite. The road with all the different patches and the buildings, I love this photograph of 14th Street.
If you want to photograph cast iron buildings, SoHo is be the place to go. This photo is taken at Mercer Street and Spring Street.
In the middle of Central Park is a large reservoir, called the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. On the west side of the water you get the perfect view of the Upper East Side. The reflection of the buildings in the water is what makes this photo one of my favorites.
The One World Trade Center. It is hard to get the entire building in one frame, because it is so incredibly tall. This photo captures not only the One World Trade Center completely, but also its surroundings. Taken from Pier 25.
Welcome to Meatpacking District, Manhattan, this is Gansevoort Street. I love the look of cobble stone streets and cast iron buildings. There are never a lot of cars around here, so you can take your time to take your photograph.

There are so many more photos I want to show you of New York, but for now this is it. You might have seen some of these photos in earlier post or on my Instagram and now you know where I took them. New York is a great place for photographers, beginners and advanced. Take a look around, there is always something beautiful to see, no matter where you are.





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