How to be A Minimalist

I am a minimalist. The past years, I have been paying attention to the things I buy, what I already have and what I actually need. We have all been there; standing in front of your closet and having nothing to wear, when in reality there are at least five outfits you could put on. Or maybe you own three white T-shirts, but none of them fit you right. Well, I’m here to help you out!

When I was about thirteen or fourteen, I discovered the beauty and fashion world on YouTube. Here I was, in my early teens, looking at these girls who had closets as big as their bedroom and who had an entire cabinet just to store their make-up. I remember thinking that was normal; to have a different pair of jeans of every top. I know better now! You should be able to wear the same jeans with multiple tops and one top with different pairs of jeans.

A turning point for me was when I went to Primark with my friends a few years ago. I spend only 20 euros, but I got about seven clothing and jewelry items. I was excited, but that excitement was gone very soon. After wearing the items once, I could throw them out, because they were out of shape or had a hole in them. I decided to invest in better quality clothing. I don’t have a ton of money to spend on clothes and I also don’t want to spend hundreds of euros on a simple T-shirt, but I do try to invest my money wisely.

For me, that means I don’t mind spending money on items that fit me well and are made of good quality material. For example, when I was in New York, I spend 120 dollars on a pair of jeans from Madewell. To me, that’s a lot of money, but these jeans fit me perfectly and I knew I was going to wear them a lot, so it was worth investing in. I still wear those jeans and they look as good as new. Unfortunately, there is no Madewell in The Netherlands, but here I like to shop at Esprit and sometimes Mango.

Another thing I like to pay attention to when I shop, is to buy basic and neutral clothing. That way I can create different outfits with the same jeans and T-shirt by adding a colorful jacket, a statement necklace of a fun pair of boots. I don’t spend as much on these statement pieces, because you never know how long you’ll wear them.

One important thing I’ve learned is that letting go is key. You need to let go of thinking that things have to be a certain way. You have to create your own way. This is my minimalist way!




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