Photos and Memories of New York Collected in a Book

Hi guys,

I wrote a book. When I came back from New York (and also while I was there), friends and family would ask me what it was like to live there. My response was usually something like “amazing” or “it’s hard at times, but I’m having the time of my life”. There was so much to tell that I didn’t know where to start. I also took a ridiculous number of photos, so I decided to combine everything in a book.

My family often makes photo books of vacations, so I always had the idea to make a photo book of my time in New York. It wasn’t until halfway through my trip that I realized I wanted to share more than just pictures. If someone wanted to know what New York looked like, they could just go online. I wanted my book to show the New York I had experienced. I didn’t just want a photo book, I also wanted facts and stories to give the photos more dimension. Through blogging, I learned how much I love writing and I found a way to incorporate that into my book.

1,362, that’s how many photos I took in New York. I ended up only using 35 of those (2.5 percent). Next to every photo, I wrote something. I would share what that image made me think of and what made it special. It was important to me to create a book that was both interesting to me as well as to family and friend, and whomever else wanted to see it. I needed something physical to remember my time in New York and I wanted to give other people the opportunity to peak into my life as a New Yorker.

I am super happy with how the book turned out. It’s really cool to hold it and flip through the pages, realizing that was what my life looked like for four months. It reminds me that it wasn’t just an amazing dream, but that it really happened.






One thought on “Photos and Memories of New York Collected in a Book

  1. I do the exact same thing after a trip, I love having the physical evidence that will never be lost, am always scared my photos on my phone are going to just disappear

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