Renovating My New Room

Hey there!

Last months, I moved out of my parents’ house (again). When I came back to The Netherlands, it turned out to be a lot harder to live with my family again after four months than I thought it would be. My grandparents were very generous and let me turn a room in their house into a studio apartment. So, besides sending in my application for college (which you can read about here), I was also busy renovating the past weeks.



There was a lot that had to be done, because the wallpaper was coming off the walls and I wanted to give it a fresh coat of paint. I did a lot of it myself, but my parents also helped a lot. First, everything had to be taken out of the room of course. Then we started by removing the wallpaper. For the most part that was easy, but on three walls there was a sort of burlap layer behind the wallpaper. Because there was a beautiful wooden wall behind it in two of those cases, I decided to remove the burlap there.


Before I could start painting the wood I had to sand it all down. It was hard work, because the ceiling of the dormer also had to be done. Next, I covered the wood in primer. When the primer was completely dry, I could start painting. I had chosen to paint the dormer white. The white wood looks rustic, which I didn’t plan, but it looks beautiful. There was more painting to be done, because I wanted to give the ceiling of the slanted roof a dark blue, navy color. We had to paint it twice to make it opaque. It has hints of purple and grey and I absolutely love how it turned out.


Then all we had to do was put up wallpaper. I had never done it before. My dad had done it once a long time ago. Fortunately, it was easy. It was really cool to see the room come together with the new wallpaper. All that was left to do was furnish the place. We moved a lot of my stuff from parents’ house into my new studio, but we also bought some new furniture, like a wardrobe and a mini fridge. Anyway, everything in my room (old and new) is from IKEA.


There are still a few little things I want to change, but I am really happy with how everything has come together. I have been living here for about a month now I think and I love it; I love that I have my own space again. I am very thankful that my grandparents let me become their “roommate”.





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