College Application Process

Hey guys,

Applying to Amsterdam University College is probably the most important thing I have done since I’ve been back from the States. This first time I heard about AUC was about two years ago, I knew pretty much right away that’s where I’d want to study after high school. Last year around this time (a few weeks before the regular deadline), I decided to take a gap year and try to enroll the following year.

Since I have known for a long time that I’d want to study at AUC, I wanted to apply before the “early bird” deadline, which was December 1. When I came back from New York, I had about four weeks to send in my application. The two weeks were spend trying to adjust again and catching up with friends. I also went to the open day, because I’m still not sure what I want to major in and I was hoping that going to a few sample lectures would help. It didn’t. You could also get a tour of the student housing that day. I hadn’t seen the dorms the previous times I was there, so that was cool.

Then it was really getting time to start working on my application. It turned out to be a lot more work than I thought it would be. First, I had to answer questions about my high school education, meeting their requirements, my hobbies and many other things. I also had to send in copies of diplomas, certificates and grade reports. Compared to the personal study plan and self-assessment I had to write, that didn’t take a lot time.

I had to pick the courses I would want to take the first two years and explain why I’d be interested in taking those classes, to prove that I had carefully studied their course catalog. When you are not sure what you want to do, that’s hard! Then there was the self-assessment. I had to write a two to four-page essay about myself; my personal background, my strong and weak point, what I can contribute to the university and what I expect from them and how I’m going to meet their requirements. That took a lot of time to write, but I am happy with how it turned out!

Lastly, I needed recommendations. I needed at least two academic ones and I could submit a maximum of five. Last year, I had already asked my high school principal if she’d want to give me a recommendation. My math teacher also didn’t mind writing me one. I asked my English teacher in New York to write me a recommendation too. As well as a friend of my dad’s whom I visited in Boston while I was living in New York (you can read about it here). After some trouble, I finally had two out of four recommendations before the deadline and I got the other two about week later.

Now, I have been invited for the Admissions Day, so that means I am one step closer to getting an offer, which is really exciting. Unfortunately, they have reached their full capacity for that day, but they will let me know if someone were to cancel. Otherwise, I’ll have an admissions session via Skype. Either way, I should know by the end of January if they are offering me a spot. I am nervous, but I am also confident that I have a great chance of getting accepted.

I’ll keep you posted!





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