My Trip to Washington DC

Hi guys!

Last weekend, I was in Washington DC with my mom. Friends of my grandparents had invited us to stay with them for a few days. There were three other friends staying with them that weekend and they are all Vietnamese, so it was interesting to be surrounded by another culture. They showed us around and we had a great time.

Friday October 21st 2016

We took the bus to Washington DC this morning. We had to get up early, but it was nice that we were in DC by the beginning of the afternoon. The bus ride took about four and half hours, which is not too bad. The people we are staying with picked us and took us to their home where they had prepared a nice Vietnamese meal. After having lunch, we went to the Potomac River. We walked for about an hour, maybe more. We walked to a beautiful waterfall and we also saw a deer and a few turtles.

Then we went back to their home for dinner. We made our own Vietnamese rolls using rice paper (I am not sure what they are called). I had never done that before, but it was nice. After dinner, we drove around DC to see Washington at night. We stopped by the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, because you get a good view of the city there. It was cool, because there were a lot of lights on all the important buildings and monuments. It was nice to get a glimpse of what we are going to see tomorrow.

Saturday October 22nd 2016

First, we went to the Arlington National Cemetery, where the gravesite of president John F. Kennedy is. Then we went to the Lincoln Memorial, which was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. We also saw the Vietnam Memorial, which is right next to the Lincoln Memorial. Next, we went to Capitol Hill. Again, it was so much bigger than I expected it to be. Unfortunately, they were doing a lot of restoration, so we were not able to see all of it. Then we went to the White House. It was cool to see it in real life. When we had to use the bathroom, we had to go to the Washington Monument, so we got to see that too.

Sunday October 23rd 2016

This morning my mom and I were dropped off downtown to visit some museums. We went to the Museum of American History first. They had an exhibition on the First Ladies and they had a few of their dresses on display. My favorite was Michelle Obama’s inauguration dress, which is stunning. It was nice to learn a little bit about the presidents and their wives.

After that we went to the National Museum of African American History and Culture. It was impressive to see how many Africans were shipped to America as slaves. It is awful! I never knew that the Dutch contribution to slavery was actually very little compared to that of other European countries. We also learned about the uprising of black people in the 1960s and that the fight against racism is far from over. I think it is a very important exhibition to see during this time. I wish we would have had more time to look even more carefully at everything, but it was time for us to go home to New York.

That is everything we did while we were in Washington DC in short from my journal. It was a very interesting trip; I learned a lot about the Vietnamese culture and about America. It was also nice to go vacation with my mom, because in New York it felt like she was visiting me and it DC we were both in an unfamiliar place.

Take care!




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