Get Inspired with Me

Hi guys!

Writing a blog is not always easy, because you need to put up new post regularly and sometimes you have no idea what to write about. Some days I have tons of ideas, but on other days I am all tapped out. Today is one of those days that I have what you would call a ‘writer’s block’, so I decided to just tell you what inspires me and how I manage to come up with new ideas for my blog.


The best way to get inspiration is to go on Pinterest. Pinterest is “the world’s catalog of ideas”. You can find everything from recipes to try out to the newest fashion trends. It shows you photos and articles based on your preferences. You tell Pinterest what you are interested in and it will show you everything related to that. I have many different boards on Pinterest and every time I find something I like, I will pin it on one of my boards (like I did before I got my tattoo). Often when I lack inspiration, I know what I do not want to write about. For example, I did not want to write a post about New York today, so I did not look on my New York City board. I am on Pinterest all the time to stay inspired.

People Watching

When I cannot get inspired by Pinterest, I will go outside and take a walk. New York is one of the biggest inspirations there is; every day you will see something interesting. I love to go on the off-streets in SoHo, because there are so many beautiful boutiques and people who wear interesting outfits. I do not know about you, but watching people does not only give me fashion inspiration, but it also makes me think about other things. I am not sure how it works, but I think it actives a part of my brain that is responsible for getting new ideas. Sometimes it is better to go to an unknown neighborhood to get a fresh flow of ideas or go on another day or a different time.


Not all book can inspire me; some books I just read for pleasure. One of the most inspiring books I have read is Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I wrote about it in one of my recent post What Am I Reading? I find it a very inspiring book, because her thought and feeling are expressed extremely well on paper. I also get inspiration when I read a book that is completely different from the one I read before. I am now reading 1984 by George Orwell and before that I read The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, which are totally different books. So, it makes me think about different things.

Darling Magazine

Magazines in general are a big source of inspiration, but my favorite in Darling Magazine. It comes out four times a year and it is about 180 pages thick. They have articles about a lot of different topics, like beauty, fashion, interviews and many other things. All thing that I am interested in. The articles are written by or about women of all different ages and professions. Darling Magazine does not only make me think about certain topics, but their photos give me a lot of inspiration too. One of the things I like most about Darling Magazine is that they do not retouch the women in the photos. I think it makes the photographs in the magazine so much more beautiful.

There are many more ways to get inspiration, but these are my favorites. Every time I have an idea for a new blog post I put it on a list on my phone, so when I sit down to do some writing, I already have some ideas. Lack of inspiration happens to all of us and if are ever in need of new ideas, you should think of this post.




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