Greenwich Village, Manhattan

Hey everyone,

I have done a few of these post now, where I take you with me and show you some of my favorite parts of New York City. I love exploring and there is always something to see or do in New York City. I get a lot of energy from it. Today I will focus on Greenwich Village or just The Village as locals call it. You can find The Village between 14th Street and Houston Street, west of Broadway.

New York University (NYU) and Washington Square Park

Greenwich Village is home to the campus of New York University, a private school known for its arts, business, law and medical programs. You can find their faculties, student housing and the Bobts Library around Washington Square Park. The park is a great place to meet people or just hang out with friends. The fountain and the Washington Square Arch are iconic for the park and NYU. New York University is not like any other university, because the brownstone houses give this neighborhood a very homey atmosphere and you do not really feel like you are on a campus here.


Bleecker Street

Just two blocks south of Washington Square Park, you can find Bleecker Street. This is the main shopping street in Greenwich Village. On this street you can find everything from high-end stores like Marc Jacobs to music shops that sell vinyls. The atmosphere is really relaxed, so even if you are not going to buy anything, it will be worth walking down the street and going into some stores just to look around. The cool thing about this part of New York is that it does not feel like you are in a big city, when you are here you will feel like you are walking through a small village, thus its name.



If you walk on Bleecker Street from NYU, you will walk past By CHLOE. I would highly recommend stopping by this fast food restaurant, its entire menu is vegan! Even if you are not vegan, you should definitely go here. When I was there I ordered the guac burger and sweet potato fries, because I heard those were the best items on the menu. The guac burger is indeed very good and exceeded my expectations, but the sweet potato fries were very soft and not crisp at all. So the guac burger is definitely worth, but you can skip the sweet potato fries in my opinion. I am definitely going back there to try some other items on the menu.


Joe’s Pizza

The next place you should go to is Joe’s Pizza, it is a little further up on Bleecker Street. They offer the classic New York slice of pizza. It is one of the best pizza places in the city and it is known all over the world. They have been using the same recipe for a very long time. They have three locations throughout the city, but this was the very first location. I have never actually tried a slice, but I am planning on doing that soon. In New York you can get a slice of pizza for a dollar, but 2.50 dollars for a slice at Joe’s is really worth it I have heard.


Carrie Bradshaw’s place

For those of you who love Sex and the City, you should go east on Perry Street when walking on Bleecker Street, because on 64 Perry Street you will find Carrie Bradshaw’s place. It is cool to see the place you have seen on TV in real life. Even if you have never watched Sex and the City like me, you should walk by here, because it is a beautiful house with a lot of plants. Just looking at the front of the house will make you happy. Again when you walk through this street it does not feel like you are in a big city at all.


Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery is a very cute bakery that is famous because of Sex and the City. It is around the corner from Carrie’s place on Bleecker Street. They are best known for their Banana Pudding, which is absolutely delicious. Banana Pudding does not sound like it would be good to me, but it really is. There are pieces of vanilla cake and banana in it. It is a must-try for anyone who likes bananas.


There you have it. If you ever visit New York these are the places you absolutely have to go to in Greenwich Village. I love this neighborhood, because of its cobblestone streets, brownstone houses and relaxed atmosphere. It is home to artists and NYU students. If I ever go back to New York for a long period of time, this is where I would love to live. You will instantly feel at home here.

Take care!



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