DUMBO, Brooklyn

Hello everyone,

Most people who visit New York City only go to Manhattan, but Brooklyn is absolutely worth visiting, especially DUMBO. That stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, it is a lively neighborhood under the Manhattan Bridge. I have been there a couple of times now and I love it. There are a lot of places to grab something to eat and enjoy the view over the East River.

One Girl Cookies

On the corner of Main Street and Water Street is a very nice bakery called One Girl Cookies. The are famous for their whoopie pies, which are two cookies with cream cheese frosting in between. The cookies are a mix between a cookie and a cupcake. They have two flavor, chocolate and pumpkin. Obviously I had to taste both and my favorite is definitely the pumpkin whoopie pie. Even though the store is pretty big, most of the seats are usually taken, especially if you come around three in the afternoon.



In DUMBO there are a lot of places to eat pizza. The most famous is Grimaldi’s Pizza, I have not been here, but I heard their pizza is really good. Because it is a very popular place, there is usually a long line to get inside. If that is the case, you should go to Juliana’s. It is next to Grimaldi’s and it is founded by the same man who started Grimaldi’s. Many people do not know this, which is why the line is a lot shorter or no existent. The only downside to these places is that you can not get single slices of pizza and the smallest size of pizza is 16 inches or 40 centimeters. To get a single slice of pizza you can go around the corner to Ignazio’s. Their pizza is not as good, because they do not make it fresh, but if you are alone and you can not eat an entire 16 inch pizza, this is the best place to go.


Shake Shack

If you do not like pizza (I do not know anyone who doesn’t) or if you rather eat a hamburger, you should go to Shake Shack. It is a New York based fast food restaurant chain. They have a few locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I have never eaten at Shake Shack, because I do not eat meat, but I heard they have great food.


Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

The best place to get ice cream is the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. It is located in an old fireboat house under the Brooklyn Bridge. You can choose from eight different flavors and all of their ice cream is house-made. Unlike some other places, the scoops are huge. It is not a cheap place to go, but it is absolutely worth the money. I ordered a cone with two scoops when I was there, one coffee and the other vanilla chocolate chip and both were delicious. The best spot to eat you ice cream is by the water in Main Street Park, where you have the best view of the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan.


Manhattan Bridge

On Washington Street you get the best view of the Manhattan Bridge. You have probably seen a similar picture somewhere without knowing that it was the Manhattan Bridge, that was at least what I thought when I was there. For those of you who have seen Gossip Girl this is where Dan lives. I am actually watching Gossip Girl right now and it was really cool to see what I saw on my computer screen in real life. To get the best picture you need to try to get the Empire State Building in the middle under the bridge.


Brooklyn Bridge

Let’s end with the Brooklyn Bridge, one of New York City’s biggest tourist attractions. After eating all that pizza and other unhealthy food, you can walk the across the Brooklyn Bridge to lose all those calories. You can enter the bridge at Cadman Plaza East, there are stairs there that lead to the Brooklyn Bridge. The best time to walk across the bridge is at night when the sun is setting, because you get the most beautiful view of Manhattan. It is really spectacular! I would advise not to go on the weekend, if you are visiting New York, because it will be even busier than it already on a weekday. You can walk the bridge in both directions, but walking from Brooklyn to Manhattan gives you the best view.


If you ever decide to visit Brooklyn, which you should, these are the places you have to go to. Most visitors only go to the Brooklyn Bridge, but Brooklyn has so much more to offer. DUMBO is a great example! I love this part of New York, because it is gorgeous, it is not too big, there is great food and the view is amazing.




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