Back to School

Hi guys!

One of my reasons for moving to New York City was improving my English. That is why I am attending New York Language Center. On July 18th 2016, not even two weeks after graduating high school, I started classes at NYLC. After being in the city for four days by myself, I was really looking forward to go back to school. Today will be all about going back to school and my first days of class.

Before I could start on Monday, I had to come in during the week before I would start my classes to take a placement test. The test would determine which level I was in. At New York Language Center there are eight different levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. After level 8, Advanced 2, comes the Post Advanced level. That is the level I am in and when you are Post Advanced you can take the Post Advanced TOEFL-preparation class. That is the class I am taking. I was hoping the test would say that I am Post Advanced and luckily it did, because I want to take the TOEFL test to show Amsterdam University College that my English skills meet their requirements.

I was really nervous about going to school on Monday, because people can start classes every Monday. So I was thinking that I was going to be the only one that would start that day. Also I have a tendency to expect too much of things and I was scared that I might be disappointed. Fortunately neither of those things happened – there where some other people who started the same day and NYLC exceeded my expectations.

There were at least four other people starting that day. In my class are some people from Italy, Brazil and Japan. So everyone comes from a very different culture and it is so great to speak with all of them and to get to know them, because we all come from different parts of the world. It is great to learn about their food, education system and traditions. The past few years I have become more and more interested about different cultures and this is a very fun way of learning about them.

Going to school here is very different from going to high school, because everyone chose to learn or improve their English here. There is a great atmosphere that allows you to make mistakes and nobody will judge you, because we are all there to learn. That is one of the things I love about studying at New York Language Center.

The students are not the only ones making studying at NYLC great, the teachers are also very important for the atmosphere. My teacher tries to create a fun yet educational program every day. There are some thing we have to practice every day to prepare for the TOEFL, but in addition to that we always do something fun. Besides the fun classes, the teachers are very friendly and approachable, you can tell them everything and they also share things about themselves. You have a teacher-student relationship and a friendship relationship.

I have had two weeks of school now, so I have another ten weeks left and I do not mean that in a bad way, time just seems to fly by. I am really looking forward to those ten weeks. Now I have settled in and bought some thing to make my life more comfortable, like a nice pillow, I start to feel more at home every day. Having people to talk to at school and sometimes after school really helped me get over my home-sickness. Tomorrow is already August 1st, time really is going fast.




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