Plans for This Week


Being in a new city can be very challenging at times. Especially if that city is in another country. Maybe you are like me and you are going to live there for some time or maybe you are just going to visit some friends. I know I find it hard to make plans and decide everything you are going to do by yourself. One of the things I do to make being by myself easier is to take some time every day or every week to plan what I am going to do the next day or week. I am going to share what my plans are for this week.

First off all, I want to say that I did not made plans for everyday, because maybe somebody wants to hang out on a day I planned something. Then you can just hang out together and do what you were planning on doing the next day.

Tuesday, July 26 2016

After going to school, I am planning on going to Times Square. I have been in New York City for almost two weeks now and I think it is about time I am going to see the amazing billboards and lights and colors you always see in magazines or on TV.

Wednesday, July 27 2016

I have been to the High Line twice before, but unfortunately both times it started raining, so I actually have not seen that much of it. Hopefully it will not start raining Wednesday. I am going to take the Subway to 34th street, Penn Station and then walk all the way down to 14th street across the High Line. In case you do not know what the High Line is, it is basically an old railroad that have been converted into a park.

Close to the High Line, on 10th Avenue, there is a place called Artichoke Pizza. It is the most well known pizza place of New York City. There are actually three locations in the city. So after walking across the entire High Line, I am going to treat myself to some pizza.

Saturday, July 30 2016

Every Saturday there is an outdoor food market in East River State Park, Brooklyn called Smorgasborg. There are more than 75 different vendors, I think. You can get hamburgers, sandwiches, lemonade, coffee, ice cream and so much more. I heard they also have clothes and jewelry. I have heard so many good things about Smorgasborg that I am really excited to check it out this weekend.

Sunday, July 31 2016

This weekend is the New York City Poetry Festival. Because I really want to go to Smorgasborg on Saturday, I decided I was going to the Poetry Festival on Sunday. I am not sure what to expect, but apparently there are readings from about 250 poets. It is on Governors Island, so I am going to see a new part of New York at the same time.

There you have it. These are the plans I made for this week. I do not expect everything to go as planned, but that is alright, because that is all part of making plans. Maybe it is going to storm or maybe it is going to be too hot to do anything. Maybe I am going to be disappointed and maybe I am going to be impressed. That is just the way life works.




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